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Investigating Differences 6

A 4 page paper discussing "difference" in terms of current trends and the effects of labels on groups. The groups used here are Native Americans and Hispanics; the trends are the shift from industry to information; institutional help to self-help; and movement of jobs from north to south. Bibliography lists 7 sources.

“Self-image in post-operative breast cancer patients”

A paper which looks at aspects of the psychological trauma suffered by breast cancer patients as a result of surgical procedures, and the way in which this relates both to personal self-image, the way in which society as a whole perceives women, in terms of their physical form, and the role of health-care professionals in helping women come to terms with the altered self-image which results from cancer surgery.

Dale Carnegie’s “How to make Friends and Influence People”

This 4 page report discusses How to Make Friends and Influence People, the original self-help, empowerment, positive mental attitude book. Written and published more than sixty years ago, the book has sold over 15 million copies. Carnegie teaches such skills through underlying principles of dealing with people so that they feel important and appreciated, skills and principles that are as valid today as they were when he wrote the book. No bibliography.

Employee Empowerment

A 10 page paper begins with a description of empowerment and reports some of the vast literature on the topic of employee empowerment. One point made is that employees may not have the confidence or esteem to become more autonomous and managers may have to build their self-esteem first. Examples of how some companies have empowered their employees are provided. Bibliography lists 10 sources.


This 12-page paper focuses on the importance of employee empowerment in the tourism industry. Much of the paper discusses how customer service is a competitive advantage in this very cutthroat industry, and how empowerment can help in the customer service arena. Bibliography lists 7 sources.

Renoir: Group of Women

Group of Women is a painting done by Renoir after leaving Paris. Most of the paintings done during this time period are studies in nudes, specifically bathers, that include such paintings as Great Bathers, The Bathers, Bather wiping her leg, Sleeping Bather and Group of Women. This 5 page paper takes an in depth look at Group of Women and a possible interpretation by art historians John Berger and Carol Duncan. Bibliography lists 3 sources.

Empowerment in Nursing

A 6 page paper discussing empowerment in nursing. True empowerment can enable nurses to provide much needed help and innovative thought to the field of health. A discussion of the basics of empowerment is detailed as it applies to the complicated industry of nursing, illustrating that it is a reality that requires participation by all individuals involved in the health profession if it is to work. When empowerment is given to nurses, the benefits are great and the involvement of all concerned results in many positive realities. Bibliography lists 6 sources.

Lecture On Sigmund Freud

This 7 page essay presents a tutorial on giving a lecture centered on Sigmund Freud to a group of older Jewish women.

Social Services / Self-Help Groups in New Jersey

A 5 page look at non-profit social services organizations located in the State of New Jersey. Focusing upon advocacy services, pregnancy hotlines, the State Council on Alcoholism & Drug Abuse, the "Self-Help Clearinghouse," and more-- the writer pinpoints the backgrounds and specific services offered by each group. No Bibliography.

Starting A Self-Help Group: Literature Review

6 pages in length. The writer provides a literature review that illustrates how establishing a self-help group is a valuable asset for those who want to quit smoking. Bibliography lists 5 sources.

The Values of Benjamin Franklin and Today's Self-Help Books:

This 3 page paper explores the similarities between the values that Benjamin Franklin embodied and the approach that modern self-help book often take. This paper highlights the simplicity of Franklin's brilliance and his common sense approach and offers insight into how self-help books often mirror these characteristics. Bibliography lists 3 sources.

Self-Esteem and the Elementary School Student

A 10 page research paper exploring aspects of self-esteem including: how self-esteem is defined by different theorists, what are the components in self-esteem, and how does the teacher help to improve a student's self esteem. Several programs are described and discussed with a final caution to select activities carefully so the efforts do not backfire. Bibliography lists 10 sources.


This 6 page paper discusses the proliferation of Goddess centered religions over the last five years across the world. Tied to the feminist movement, some claim that it is a vehicle for women's rights. This paper argues against this as women search for empowerment and freedom from a male dominated religion which has for so long relegated women to second class status. Quotes abound in this paper. Bibliography lists 2 sources.

Traci West/Wounds of the Spirit

A 3 page book review that also offers the writer's reactions to Traci C. West's Wounds of the Spirit: Black Women, Violence and Resistance Ethics, which is a text that chronicles stories of abuse from numerous African American women. However, as the full title suggests, this is not simply a book about victimization, as it also discusses empowerment and how these women draw upon spiritual resources in order to resist the social forces that seek to dominate them. This point is demonstrated by looking at four representative chapters of this text. No additional sources cited.

Islam and Discipline

This 22 page paper looks at the concept and materialisation of discipline in the main practices of modern Islam. The paper consider the idea and perspective of discipline, examining the it is seen in the Quran (or Koran), looking at both self discipline and also discipline of women and children by husbands and fathers, the way self discipline may be practiced, the importance of learning and the difficulties of self discipline for western Muslim women. The bibliography cites 10 sources.

Support for Women Entrepreneurs in the UAE

This 12 page paper looks at the different organizations that provide help and support to female entrepreneurs in the United Arab Emirates, outlines the help that is provided and the way they operate. The paper looks at those which are set up specific to give women help and those that help all entrepreneurs. The paper then considers what help is needed in the future and the gap between current provision and current needs. The bibliography cites 5 sources.

Is Employee Empowerment Related to Improved Productivity Levels?

This 9 page paper assesses the link between employee empowerment and employee productivity. The concept of employee empowerment is defined and the evidence for empowerment impacting positively on productivity by enhancing motivation is assessed. The bibliography cites 13 sources.

Employee Empowerment -- Creating “Win-Win” Situations

This 5 page report discusses the concept of employee empowerment and the simple fact that numerous challenges present themselves on a daily basis and an organization’s employees should be granted the power to deal with them. Empowerment is nothing more than the process that allows employees to solve customers’ problems. Organizations that take empowerment seriously rank among the best performers in key areas such as quality, technology implementation, and relationships with customers and suppliers.Bibliography lists 6 sources.

The Changing Status of Japanese Women

This 19 page research paper examines the role of Japanese women in their society and how that role has changed since the conclusion of World War II. Article 14 of the Japanese constitution was a major landmark in helping to improve conditions for women and various other laws & events have helped to increase women's participation rights..yet Japanese society still clings to tradition in several key respects.. Bibliography lists 15 comprehensive sources.

Taekwondo And Special Needs

Taekwondo is an ancient martial art developed in Korea as a means of maintaining social control within an ethical framework. Like Karate, Taekwondo has a foundation of philosophical beliefs that teach discipline and self control as important components of self-defense. This 10 page paper argues that these qualities can be utilized in helping the special needs student achieve a sense of completion and competence in themselves and thereby increasing their self-esteem in a positive and productive manner. Bibliography lists 16 sources.

Group Cohesion And Group Therapy

A 13 page paper that begins with definitions of group cohesion. The writer discusses the group development process through which cohesion is established. The essay reports research regarding the necessity of cohesion for positive outcomes. The essay also includes a discussion of the ways in which the therapist can help the group to become cohesive. Bibliography lists 12 sources.

Canadian Women's Special Interest Groups: Undue Influence To Advance Their Own Agendas?

12 pages in length. Some scholars have accused organized interests of "undue influence" in the policy process and, in particular, of using the courts to advance their own narrow interests by way of circumventing the democratic (i.e. parliamentary) policy process. The manner by which the articles in Women's Legal Strategies in Canada address the controversy surrounding the issue of using courts to promote concerns of interest groups and social movements, as well as the evidence presented by the various authors in this collection edited by Radha Jhappan, helps to refute claims of "undue influence" by women's groups in the political and legal process. However, what must be realized is how the issues at hand are viewed as unworthy of acceptance via the traditional democratic process and in need of alternative means by which to be moved forward – such as with gay and lesbian rights, feminism and other female-related social movements – derogatorily branding these interest groups as "equality seekers" who are forced to circumvent an otherwise intolerant, patriarchal and hypocritical society that eschews the freedom inherent to social diversity. Bibliography lists 7 sources.

Group Work: Attitudes that Work

This 3 page paper relates the positive attitudes towards group work and the implications for employment situations. This paper suggests that attitudes that support positive interpersonal relationships in the group and maintain a level of respect for all the participants clearly help to push the group work process towards their goals.

History of Working Women

A 3 page paper. The highlights or major events of working women are discussed. These include how the Industrial Revolution changed the working status of women, how they united and formed groups, even unions, major strikes by women mill workers in 1909 and 1910, the occupations in which women worked according to the 1870 census, and comments about why it is important to study the history or working women. Bibliography lists 3 sources.

Self-Awareness and Other-Awareness / The Application of Social Theory and the Impact of Communication & Social Environment on Self-Assessment

Self-awareness is an ongoing process by which a person evaluates their own self in relationship to the reactions they perceive from others. Individuals assess themselves within particular environments and as a result, self-awareness can change significantly depending on the interactions that are occurring at a given time. This 14 page paper reflects the foundations of this argument in social theory, and consider the nature of non-verbal communication, group dynamics and social psychology as they apply to this process. Bibliography lists 12 sources.

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