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Should the Bank Adopt a Strategy Providing Mobile Banking?

Mobile banking is becoming a viable option for many banks. This 22 page paper looks at the potential of mobile banking and considers whether it is a strategy that should be adopted. The paper starts with an introduction, aims and objectives and gives a methodology based on a literature review. The literature defines mobile banking, considers the role of banks and looks at how mobile banking fits in with the traditional role of banks. The paper also discusses the advantages and disadvantages of mobile banking from the perspective of customer and the bank before reaching a conclusion. The bibliography cites 18 sources.

Pure Play Internet Banks; Can they Create Value?

This 30 page paper considers whether or not pure play internet banks are able to create value. The paper starts with an in-depth literature review considering how internet banks may create value and the challenges they face along with the limited existing research. The paper then presents a methodology and some fictitious results to a survey of customers using the UK bank First Direct to assess the value the bank creates. The bibliography cites 23 sources.

SMEs and Banking in Saudi Arabia; Methodology and Findings Paper

This 18 page paper looks art a research project to assess the level of banking provision made by Saudi Arabian banks for small and medium sized enterprises. The paper gives an in-depth methodology, discusses why certain approaches were adopted and others rejected and justifies the use of the research tool and discusses the sampling considerations. The paper then demonstrates the way the results can be presented using data supplied by the student. The bibliography cites 8 sources.

Are Islamic Banks More Profitable than Non-Islamic Banks

This 16 page paper looks at the role and performance of Islamic banks and considers the hypothesis that Islamic banks are ore profitable than non Islamic banks. The paper starts by considering the role of banks and the application of Islamic banking. The paper then presents primary research using data from Islamic bank accounts and performs an hypothesis test both return in assets and return on equity as profitability measures. This is compared with existing research before a conclusion is reached. The bibliography cites 20 sources.

Do Pure Play Internet Banks Create Value?

This 58 page paper looks at the way in which pure play internet banks, such as First Direct and Egg, may be able to create value. The paper presents a full dissertation style paper, with an introduction and objectives followed by an in-depth literature review. The literature review examines the role of the banks, examines the way that they compete and the importance and place of internet banking in the banking industry. The potential ways that pure play internet banks may add value studied from a theoretical perspective. After a section on methodology primary research using questionnaires is then simulated; assessing the perspective of internet banking using a sample made up of customers of the HBSC subsidiary; First Direct. The results are presented and then discussed. The bibliography cites 43 sources.

Research Proposal; The Risks in the Formation and Management of the Securities Portfolios of the Commercial Banks of Russia

This 5 page paper is a research outline for examining the risks in the formation and management of the securities portfolios of the commercial banks of Russia. The paper begins with considering of the available research methodologies and then designs a research proposal for the gathering and analysis of the required information. The bibliography cites 11 sources.

The Role of the Banking System Supporting Economic Development in Sudan

This 11 page paper is a research proposal to investigate the role of the banking system in the economic development of Sudan. The paper includes and introduction, justification and specific research questions as well as a literature review and methodology. The bibliography cites 15 sources.

Proposal for Research on the Development of Sustainable Banking in Sub-Sahara Africa

This 20 page paper is the starting point for a research project to assess the way in which sustainable banking may be encouraged in sub-Sahara Africa. The paper presents a background to the problem, problem statement and purpose statement as well as looking at the limitations of the study, basic methodology and a literature review. The bibliography cites 30 sources.

Research Proposal to Find Innovation within the Banking Industry

This 10 page paper is a proposal for a research paper to investigate the ways the banking industry may be able to develop innovations that will serve the banks and the customers in the post 2008/9 recession period. The paper focuses on the use of internet banking and the way CRM may be leveraged. The bibliography cites 10 sources.

The ECB and the Bundesbank; A Case Study

This 7 page paper is proposal and methodology for a case study comparing the performance of the European Central Bank and the Bundesbank looking at their results and examining the policies, processes and accountability. The methodology includes the use of secondary sources and primary data collection using interviews. The bibliography cites 30 sources.

Research Proposal for Sustainable Banking

This 9 page paper is a research proposal to examine the way banks may increase their lending activity to sustainable development investments in Sub Sahara Africa. The proposal identifies the research problem and research question, looks at the way the research may take place and identifies the desired result of the research. The bibliography cites 10 sources.

Information Technology and Information Systems Environmental Influences, Development and Implementation

This 29 consider the development and implementation of IT and IS. The paper stars with an in-depth analysis looking a the development and influences of political, economies social and technological factors. The paper then considers how IT and IS has emerged in different sectors, using government and banking sectors in Hong Kong as examples. The paper then loos at the use of consequence analysis along with had systems methodology and soft systems methodology before finishing with a refection. The bibliography cites 22 sources.

Article Critique

This 14 page paper looks at an article entitled "Crunch time for bank audits? Questions of practice and the scope for dialogue", and considers the methodology that is used and critiques the way the paper uses that methodology. The bibliography cites 7 sources.

Business Proposal for Mobile Oil Change, LLC

A 9 page business proposal for a mobile oil change service in Denver, Colorado. The paper provides business description, competitive analysis and marketing concept. Mobile Oil Change provides a necessary service at competitive prices and at times and places convenient for customers. All companies owning any size fleet of vehicles needs the service, and every business needs the increased efficiency that Mobile Oil Change service can provide. Bibliography lists 7 sources.

Mobile Imaging

A 2 page paper which discusses and article titled “Eastman Kodak: Kodak unveils state-of-the-art traveling mobile lab.” Mobile imaging is being used in many different industries around the country. From beauty makeovers, to portable medical equipment, the options open to mobile imaging is incredible. No additional sources cited.

Sustainable Banking to Aid in Economic Development in Sub Sahara Africa-Problem, Questions and Literature Review

This 12 page paper provides a an introduction and a literature review for a larger project examining the role and potential benefit of sustainable banking in sub Sahara Africa. The paper starts with an examination of the problem, proposes the research questions and offers an hypothesis. The main part of the paper is a literature review examining the concept, application and utilization of sustainable banking and considering some of the motivated and challenges which may face bank considering undertaking sustainable banking in sub Sahara Africa. The bibliography cites 30 sources.

Sociological research

A paper which looks at sociological research methodologies, with particular reference to the conflict and rational-utilitarian perspectives of sociological theory.


This 4-page paper focuses on the two research methodologies used by authors Elijah Anderson and Margerie DeVault in their respective books, Code of the Streets and Feeding the Family

The “Bank War” - The Bank of the United States and President Andrew Jackson

This 5 page report discusses the infamous “bank war” of 1832 in the United States. In 1832, President Andrew Jackson vetoed the re-charter of the (”Second”) Bank of the United States. The Bank had served regular commercial banking purposes but also acted as the collection and disbursement agent for the federal government, which held one-fifth of its thirty-five-million-dollar capital stock. Jackson charged that the bank used the private money of the wealthy to corruptly control politics and government. Bibliography lists 5 sources.

A. P. Giannini -- the People’s Banker

This 5 page report discusses A. P. (Amadeo Peter) Giannini (1870-1949), one of the most influential forces in the development of the modern banking system in the United States. The son of Italian immigrants, Giannini founded the Bank of Italy and considered that what he was creating was a bank for poor people. He founded the Bank of Italy in San Francisco so that businesses could rebuild after the 1906 earthquake. As the bank became increasingly popular, Giannini decided to purchase small banks in outlying areas, in order to expand the Bank of Italy’s reach and better serve both customers and the institution’s own bottomline. Regardless of opposition from government officials and his various competitors, he continued with his efforts. As a result, the bank created the first statewide branch banking system. He also renamed the institution the Bank of America. By the time of his death in 1949, the Bank of America had become the largest unincorporated bank in the world, with more than 3 million depositors and $6 billion in assets. Bibliography lists 3 sources.

Learning Organizations and Organizational Readiness - Methodology Chapter

This 25 page paper presents a methodology to investigate potential relationship between the characteristics of learning organizations and the level of readiness within an organization. The paper, which is written as chapter as part of a larger paper, provides a full methodology, including the problem statement and research objectives, the research design and framework and the way in which primary research, including quantitative and qualitative research can be undertaken.

The Use of Two New Technologies in the Criminal Justice System

This 5 page paper discusses mobile data terminals and Livescan technology. Bibliography lists 2 sources.

Are Internet Banks Considered Branches?

A 10 page paper which discusses many different aspects of Internet banks and banking and argues that Internet banks must be branches, especially in our technological age where more and more transactions of all types are taking place on the Internet. A bank that does all of its business on the Internet, maintaining only one mortar and concrete building, is considered an e-bank and it has no branches. But a bank that has concrete and mortar branches, and then also provides service on the Internet, has an Internet branch. Bibliography lists 8 sources.

Assessing Global Strategy at HSBC Bank

A 20 page paper discussing the global banking industry as it is and as at least one bank is designing it to be. "The world's local bank" is the slogan of Britain's BSBC Bank. This is a marketing paper, evaluating HSBC's position in its industry, trends in the global market and suggesting steps that the bank can take to further differentiate it from its competitors while continuing to build on the concept of becoming "The world's local bank." Bibliography lists 18 sources. Includes 2 figures.

Westpac Banking Corp. Ltd and Adelaide Bank; A Comparison

This 3 page paper looks at the five year performance of two Australian banks; Westpac Banking Corporation, a national bank and Adeline Bank, a local bank with only 25 branches. The paper looks at the growth rate and performance of each bank and compares the capital adequacy. The bibliography cites 2 sources.

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