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Violence Against Women: A Problem for the World

A 5 page overview of the problem of gender-based violence. The author makes it clear that gender-based violence is not just a problem in third world countries but extends even to the most technologically advanced countries. To address this problem we must attack its roots, roots that condone the belief that males have an inherent right to control the behavior of females. Bibliography lists 5 sources.

Gender Stereotypes and Domestic Violence

10 pages. An excellent research paper explaining the often-seen gender stereotyping in domestic violence. This paper looks at domestic violence, its causes, effects, and why it is so often a gender-biased issue. Focus is on what causes people to attack each other in what should normally be a family relationship, and actions that are taken when domestic violence happens. Bibliography lists 9 sources.

Domestic Violence

This 3 page research paper considers recent domestic violence incidents in the media and judges this media exposure to be beneficial in regards to increasing awareness of this social issue. Then, the writer considers why women stay within abusive relationships and speculates, based on statistics that show that women are frequently the aggressors in regards to domestic violence, that violence become the social norm of these relationships. Bibliography lists 1 source.

Violence Towards Women

7 pages in length. Gender and violence continues to be a significant social ill in spite of ongoing attempts at making society a more civilized existence. Issues of patriarchy and oppression reside at the root of violence towards women, with serious consideration being given only relatively recently in man's timeline regarding the legal ramifications of such unwanted social behavior. The writer discusses campus violence, rape and domestic violence. Bibliography lists 10 sources.

Gender Differences Between Girls And Boys

A 6 page paper that explores the differences between genders. Despite two or more decades of people saying they do not want their children to behave and think in stereotypical ways, research consistently concludes that parents treat their children differently based on the child's gender. Since initial gender roles are assumed during infancy and young childhood, this paper looks at the research involving play and toy selection and how these are developed in the child. Bibliography lists 11 sources.

Tabloid Journalism

This 5 page paper provides an overview of tabloid new stories, including stories that cover school violence, biased attitudes and community-based violence and encourage people to commit copycat crimes. Bibliography lists 4 sources.

Communication, Gender and the Workplace

This 3 page paper considers some of the major points presented in chapters communication, gender and the workplace, including issues related to problems including sexual harassment and gender-based hostility in the workplace setting. This paper considers the problems in the modern era based on the perceived role of women and gender bias. No additional sources cited.

Postmodernism in Quentin Tarantino’s “Pulp Fiction” and “Reservoir Dogs”

This 3 page report discusses two Tarantino movies “Pulp Fiction” (1994) and “Reservoir Dogs” (1992) in terms of their various postmodernist characteristics. In postmodern reality, identity becomes self-determined. Because there are few, if any, universal ideals linking human beings together, all that's left are “tribes:” identity groups based on race, ethnicity, gender, or whatever. In the case of the tribes created in Quentin Tarantino movies, crime and violence are the primary links for social and personal identity. Bibliography lists 3 sources.

Communication Case Study

This 5 page paper answers 5 questions based on a cross gender communication case study. A male and a female employee are communicating in different ways, and misunderstand each other. The questions set by the student examine how and why a misunderstanding occurred, and the gender differences in communication styles. The bibliography cites 5 sources.

Genetics / Violence

A 7 page argumentative paper proving that violence is hereditary and unless stopped could lead to the demise of the human race. The writer relies on the original thesis and research of Darwin and Mendell, and bases arguments on the genetic discoveries of Han Brunner, et al. and subsequent modern-day researchers who proved how genes are mutated, have traced the regeneration of mutated genes, and have created violent species in laboratories based on the regeneration of mutated genes. Bibliography lists 11 sources.

Unnecessary Violence in Movies

This is a 5 page paper which discusses the unnecessary violence portrayed in the movie industry today. Assessing a film based on unnecessary “violence factors” is discussed and examples of violent movies are included. A list of top grossing movies of all time is also included and establishes the popularity of violence in movies today. Bibliography lists 6 sources.

Domestic Violence

A 6 page research paper that offers an overview of domestic violence. Topics covered include definitions of domestic violence and its emergence as a social issue historically; theoretical explanation for its incidence and relevance of gender; potential impact on women and children; and evaluation of current resources and initiative. Bibliography lists 12 sources.

Solutions for Gender Violence

This 8 page paper provides definitions for gender violence and quickly addresses solutions by means of education. Domestic violence is discussed in general and education for both victims and batterers, as well as the children who witness abuse, is the focus of this paper. Appropriate statistics are provided. Bibliography lists 9 sources.

Significant Moments in Men's Lives

5 pages. This informative paper deals with certain moments in the lives of men. Considered is their early childhood socialization, their workplace in the construction of gender identity, as well as their relationships with women, other men, and their sexualities and family life. Other topics include examination of violence experienced by the male gender, media impact, and the relationship that is held between power and powerlessness. Bibliography lists 3 sources.

Communications / Gender Similarities

A 10 page research example on gender differences in communication. The writer develops a thesis based on studies in nonverbal communications, gender differences, demand-withdrawal, and other studies and commentaries that support the idea that the reported differences are in fact false. Even research geared toward gender differences has been inconclusive, and it is apparent in social interactions that there are more similarities than differences. Bibliography lists 13 sources.

Heterosexuality in Male Dominance

A 5 page paper discussing the origin and nature of male dominance as promoted by Nancy Chodorow, Catherine MacKinnon, and Gayle Rubin, and answering the question, “Would ending heterosexuality end gender?” Ending heterosexuality could have the effect of ending gender in the sense that one would not be dominant over another. However, it is likely that, were gender not an issue making distinction between classes, individuals would find another quality on which to base and justify the same type of oppression. Bibliography lists 4 sources.

The Gendered Notions of the House Un-American Committee

10 pages. That gender bias was included in the McCarthy Era and the HUAC is very obvious now that we look back and consider that time period. This entire sector of American History was based on predisposition of all types including racial, social as well as gender. All of these preconceived notions are discussed in this paper with the emphasis being on gender bias in the McCarthy Era. Bibliography lists 10 sources.

Influence Of Toys

A 4 page paper. Does playing with these toys lead to adulthood violence and aggression? The first part of this essay discusses this issue, toys to develop pro-social behavior, gender and toys and culture and toys. The second part of the essay makes suggestions to parents about toys. It also discusses the effect of genetic research on beliefs. Bibliography lists 7 sources.

Adolescent Violence - A Comparison Between Genders and Race

This 8 page paper discusses adolescent violence in connection with race and gender. Bibliography lists 10 sources.

Sub-Sahara Africa - Discrimination And Violence

This 12 page paper is divided into two parts. The first part is a literature review of gender discrimination and violence against women in the Sub-Sahara. The second part is a research paper that includes an introduction, problem statement, method and procedures, literature review (which is taken from the first section), results and conclusions. Bibliography lists 11 sources.

Gun Law's Impact on Gun Violence

A 15 page research paper that offers and extensive literature review that addresses the impact of state gun law on gun-related violence. The writer argues that, based on this research, strict gun control lowers gun violence levels. Bibliography lists 10 sources.

A Program To Combat School Violence

This 15-page-paper presents an in-depth discussion on the origin and implementation of a student based survey regarding school violence. The purpose of the survey was to assist in the design of a curriculum for a pilot program in the prevention of school violence. It includes discussions about the significance of the investigation as well as the instrument used and the validity of the results. The bibliography lists three sources.

Violence in Society

This 7 page paper provides a general overview of violence in society. The paper provides information on domestic violence, gang violence, school violence and violence as it is portrayed and prompted by media. Bibliography lists 10 sources.

Violence and PTSD

This 12 page paper provides an overview of some views on violence and PTSD, Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. The development of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) is linked to the experiencing of a variety of different types of violence. Children who have been exposed to sexual violence, to parental interpersonal violence, to gang violence and even to war, all demonstrate similar symptomologies that can be linked to PTSD. Bibliography lists 10 sources.

Gender Inequality: Created By Social Institutions

16 pages in length. The hierarchy of gender assignment is a reality based solely upon cultural impact and social institutions; since man's timeline began to evolve, the placement of male and female gender within every aspect of society was clearly established by social constructs comprised of patriarchal influence. The extent to which gender inequity has carried on throughout the ages is both grand and far-reaching; that the reasons for such division based solely upon sexual characteristics can be attributed to a collection of socially indoctrinated causes speaks to how entrenched gender equality is in relation to cultural manipulation. Bibliography lists 18 sources.

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