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Risk Management

This 5 page paper looks at management's role in the risk management process. The paper also considers the tools management might use along with the influence of culture on risk assessment. The bibliography cites 6 sources.

Great Lakes’ Fleets During the War of 1812

An 8 page paper which examines the making of the Lake Erie and Ontario Fleets, which were the origins of the war’s Great Lakes’ fleets. Bibliography lists 12 sources.

Depreciation at Delta and Singapore Airlines

A 3 page paper addressing the questions posed in Harvard case 9-198-002. The case compares the airlines’ financial structure relative to their respective aircraft fleets in 1993. Nearly half of Delta’s fleet is leased and the company carries a high debt load, whereas Singapore Airlines owns all its aircraft and carries no long-term debt. Bibliography lists 1 source.

Greenhouse Gas Emissions and Fleet Management

A 6 page overview of greenhouse gas emissions and how they relate to fleet management. Bibliography lists 5 sources.

Shipping Fleet Management

This 5 page paper gives a general overview of some tasks and responsibilities present in fleet management within the shipping industry. Issues such as use of ships, costs, routes and schedules are all discussed. The bibliography cites 6 sources.

Three Trends in Risk Management

This 6 page paper examines three trends in risk management; the growth of enterprise risk management (ERM), the recognition of culture has an influence on risk, and the management of strategic partnerships. The paper defines each of the trends and the way in which discusses each of the approaches, considering the way in which they may help with risk management, using examples to demonstrate their benefit. The bibliography cites 8 sources.

“When China Ruled the Seas”

The author uses the material presented in Louise Levathes’ “When China Ruled the Seas : The Treasure Fleet of the Dragon Throne, 1405-1433” to illustrate the factors which were at play in the fifteenth century in regard to naval expeditions. During this century China would undertake the chore of building one of the world’s most impressive naval fleets. This fleet of ships, and the men who sailed them, would bring China to the brink of a new world direction. Unfortunately, however, that direction would end abruptly as the leadership of China fell from one man’s hands to that of his son’s. No additional sources are listed.

Investigation Into Management Styles

A 28 page thesis paper examining the differences between Harari's "Darth Vader School of Management" and the principles behind Deming's 14 Points, which provided the foundation for the modern TQM (Total Quality Management) theories. The paper investigates the hypothesis that while many companies have attempted a change from old-school management styles, those changes often are only superficial and do not excise the underlying old-style attitudes. A survey of 20 questions was administered to 30 employees of NorTel, at a manufacturing facility employing more than 7,000 employees. Bibliography lists 27 sources.

Dangote Cement Supply Chain Management

The purpose is to determine what effect information and communication technology (ICT) has on supply chain management comparing six companies in Africa. The essay begins with background about Dangote Cement and one of its plants, Dangote Cement Obajana. The paper discusses supply chain management, ICT, and using ICT in supply chain management. Results of the study are reported and discussed. Bibliography lists 8 sources.

Human Resource Management - Equitable People Management

This 6 page report discusses human resource management in terms of its role in the management of people and its obligations to assure equity throughout an organization. When human resource management is describes as a “systematic approach to managing people,” it must be kept in mind that “systematic” should serve as a synonym for “consistent” and “equitable.” Those two factors are essential to the success of any human resource management effort. Bibliography lists 3 sources.

The Influence on Gender on Effective Management- An Historical Perspective

This 14 page paper considers the impact of gender on effective management. The writer looks at both masculine and feminine styles along with the development of management styles, starting with scientific management up to more recent models from the humanist school and seeks to discover any relationship between gender influences in the development of the different management styles.The bibliography cites 30 sources.

Youth In Adult Court

A 5 page paper. Should youth who commit violent crimes be tried in adult court rather than in juvenile court? This is a hotly debated topic but the tide is turning against this practice. Thesis: While there are many mitigating factors when considering trying youth in adult court, in general, the answer is no. This thesis is based on the neurological developmental stage of adolescents. Bibliography lists 5 sources.

Transportation Improvement Plan

This 18 page paper discusses Wal-Mart’s supply chain management processes. It begins by explaining what a supply chain is, the typical components of it, demographics related to Wal-Mart such as employees, stores, etc., strategic goals and plans, components in any supply chain, Wal-Mart’s method for supply chain management, including transportation, steps in their management process, transportation initiatives, strengths and weaknesses, metrics, and recommendations. A three-page outline is included in the page count. Bibliography lists 13 sources.

J.C. Penney Management

A 6 page paper that discusses management aspects of this company. This essay discuses the founding of J.C. Penney, the experiences of the founder, the growth, initial management style, the role of senior management in changing from catalogs to the Internet, using celebrities or other important merchandisers, innovative ideas for employees and customers, and the company’s ability to adapt to social media. Bibliography lists 6 sources. x

Armstrong Construction Ltd and Management Questions

This 6 page paper answers questions about a fictitious company; Armstrong Construction. The first question concerns the most appropriate strategy for the firm to develop in a sustainable manner. The use of a change model, the differences between management and leadership, the relationship between cost, time and quality and the management of uncertainty in the context of project management are all considered. The bibliography cites 4 sources.

CMS and the an Bullying in Indian Call Centers

This 11 page paper looks at the concept and applications of critical management studies. The paper looks first the development and general approaches of critical management studies (CMS) and critical management theory (CMT). The main body of the paper examines the way these theories may be used to examine the problem of bullying in Indian call centers. The bibliography cites 13 sources.

Production Analysis of Linear Products Company

10 pages in length. Analyzes cost and production needs based on a cyclic inventory. Seasonal needs are considered in determining planning of time management, cost management and inventory management based on information given in case study. Models and analysis of models are used. Bibliography lists 2 sources.

ZBZ Case Study

This 16 page paper is based on a fictitious case study provided by the student. A company needs to go from selling a standardized product to selling customized solutions. The paper considers different aspects related to that change, including the need for a new organizational structure, planning include a Gantt chart for the project, activities management, quality management, health and safety management and the way measure may be taken to use for future improvements. The bibliography cites 12 purchases.

Management By Objectives (MBO)

A 3 page paper that responds to this thesis: The Management by Objectives leadership style developed by Peter Drucker results in improved performance only among subordinates who are committed to goals. The writer reports that MBO is the most misunderstood and misapplied concept in management and comments on how MBO is meant to be used. Bibliography lists 4 sources.

Category Management

A 20 page paper providing chapters 1 and 2 of an MBA thesis discussing category management from the retailer's perspective and hypothesizing that its use leads to greater customer satisfaction. Chapter 1 is the introduction and provides background on category management, its uses, history and development. Chapter 2 is the literature review for the project. Bibliography lists 31 sources.

Management Theories And Functions

A 3 page paper that explains and discuses several topics including social, biological, and physical theories of management; management functions; and situational management. Bibliography lists 6 sources.

Management and Responding to Crisis

This 3 page paper answers a set of 3 questions regarding the way management should respond to crisis. The first question looks at whether the crisis response should be a part of the culture. The second question examines if the empowerment of management and team based responses are efficient. The last question looks at the ability of management to act and carry out analysis simultaneously. The bibliography cites 2 sources.


This 7-page paper discusses labor union management and organization topics. Bibliography lists 4 sources.

Supply Chain Management at McDonalds - An Assessment and Recommendations for Improvements

This 10 page paper examines the supply chain management at McDonalds, looks at six of the main components; the sourcing of the suppliers, the transportation, inventory management, the ordering process, storage and outbound logistics. This is used to assess the ways that the firm may improve their supply chain management. The bibliography cites 7 sources.

Project Management Programs - Comparison

A 12 page paper. Project management is an important field in both the public and private sectors. This importance is evidenced by the fact that there are so many college/university programs specifically for project management. With an emphasis on the United Kingdom, more than 8 programs for masters degrees or certificates in project management are described. These include three in the U.S. and the rest either Online or in the UK. Bibliography lists 8 sources.

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