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Curriculum Development

A 4 page research paper that consists of 2 short 2-page topics. The first topic deals with the importance of planning and organization of curriculum at distinct school levels. The second addresses an experiment in differentiated instruction. Bibliography lists 5 sources.

The First Virtual Computer Generated Symposium on Developmental Psychology

This 20 page paper addresses the problems of ADHD treatment, treatment of juvenile offenders as adults, and the treatment of many psychiatric or psychological problems with drugs. While a symposium including Freud, Erikson and Gilligan would be impossible, with the magic of virtual reality and imagination, such a symposium comes to life. How might these theorists feel about these twenty-first century topics? Background information is also provided on each particular topic. Bibliography lists 12 sources.

Music Ed./Elementary Grades & Critical Thinking

A 12 page research paper that consists of a literature review on research on this topic that can be used as part of a proposed research study project. The literature review discusses recent research pertaining to the connection between musical instruction and critical thinking skills. Studies are discussed and suggestions are made concerning possible research design on this topic. Bibliography lists 19 sources.

Questions and Answers in Crisis Communication

This 14 page paper is written in Q & A format and provides seven different essays on different topics under the communication umbrella. Topics addressed are burnout, PTSD, codependency, death and dying, relationships, gangs and responsibility. Bibliography lists 7 sources.

Article Summaries on Topics of Computer Viruses, CPUs and Speed, and the Internet

In six pages this paper features the summaries of articles that address what the author selected as relevant issues pertaining to each of the topics of computer viruses, CPUs and speed, and the Internet. Three articles per topic are summarized. Nine sources are listed in the bibliography.

Mathematics Test Anxiety

A 9 page paper that begins with a speech about the topic. The paper explains anxiety and it prevalence, test anxiety, mathematics anxiety and mathematics test anxiety. The writer comments on the increase in anxiety with high stakes testing. Research about the topics is discussed. The paper ends with ideas teachers can use to reduce this type of anxiety. Bibliography lists 5 sources.


This 5-page paper compares the topics of ecofeminism, pluralism and environmental pragmatism. The paper also discusses which topic an individual might be more likely to embrace. Bibliography lists 3 sources.

Literature Review on Absenteeism

An 8 page research paper that addresses the topic of chronic school absenteeism, that is, when a student misses more than 18 days of schools, which is a severe problem that is evident throughout the public school system and not just a phenomenon of the upper grades (Breaoen, 2007). This literature review examines what empirical literature conveys on the topic of elementary school absenteeism. Bibliography lists 12 sources.

Gypsy, Etc.

A 4 page paper in which 3 separate topics are presented. The first 2 pages are a critical review of the musical "Gypsy." The next is a one page term topic proposal on the rhetoric used after 9/11 and the last page is the personal opinion of the writer regarding the TV series "To Catch a Predator." Bibliography lists 3 sources.

Drug Legislation

This 4 paper examines myths or fictions, regarding drug legislation and also displays many hard facts about the same topic. Various topics are discussed inclusive of but not limited to medical marijuana and needle exchange programs. Bibliography lists 3 sources.

Music Benefits Children

A 4 page paper. Two topics are discussed in this paper. The first is how music can be used to reach children. Two examples are offered, autistic children and children who are both deaf and blind. The other topic is preparing children to take music lessons. Different tips, exercises and activities are reported. Bibliography lists 4 sources.

Multiple Intelligences, Metacognition And Moral Development

This 14 page paper explains and provides an analysis of each of these three mental processes, including any criticisms about them. †he writer provides an example of how to use each with a topic for 13-14-year-olds and a different topic for 18-year-olds. Bibliography lists 16 sources.

Stereotypes, Bias, and the Disabled

A 6 page research paper that begins by relating the topic of prejudice against the disabled to a short story by Raymond Carver, "Cathedral." The writer then summarize the latest findings of empirical research on the topic. Bibliography lists 6 sources.

Modern Slavery and the Impact of Slavery

A 4 page research paper that addresses two topics, the first of which is the fact that slavery continues in the modern world. The second topic is the impact of slavery on the United States. Bibliography lists 4 sources.

The Effect of Race and Class on Voting Behavior

This 9 page paper reviews several studies and theories in respect to the topic and then proposes a new study, inclusive of an outline, methodology and what results might be obtained. This topic is fully explored. Bibliography lists 6 sources.

The More We Globalize The More We Stay Apart

This five-page-paper presents the topic of alienation as depicted by D.H. Lawrence, James Joyce, and Doris Lessing. The way each author incorporated the topic in a book and the cause of the alienation are all discussed. Bibliography lists three sources.

Analysis of Angela Y. Davis' Article, "Surrogates and Outcast Mothers"

A 5 page paper which analyzes and provides a synopsis of Angela Y. Davis' article, "Surrogates and Outcast Mothers: Racism and Reproductive Politics in the Nineties" to determine its specific topics, the geographical and chronological setting, the article's organization, its major point and how the author supports it, evaluates whether or not it reflects an identifiable bias, and how the article compares with others on similar topics.

Research on Handgun Control

An 8 page research paper that focuses on the issue of hand gun control. The writer explores this topic and then offers a sample of how public opinion on this topic could be addressed through a sample research study. Bibliography lists 6 sources.

Feng Shui/ Less is Better

An 18 page research paper that examines the Chinese art of feng shui, which concerns aspects of buildings design and placement that create a harmonious arrangement with nature. After examining this topic via a literature review, the writer offers an example of how a study on this topic might be composed. The questionnaire is included in the appendix. Bibliography lists 22 sources.

Leadership: Asia Cultural Collectivity

10 pages. This paper addresses the topic of true leadership amidst organizational culture and its management in the Asian culture. Topics include such things as how an effective leader is chosen, and what the criteria might be for choosing such. There is discussion as to whether leadership truly influences organizational performance and whether good leadership is essential in relation to the performance of the group as a whole. Bibliography lists 10 sources.

Feminist Theology

A 5 page paper. More than 30 years ago, a feminist interpretation of theology was argued by early writers such as Mary Daly. Since then, there have been numerous writers addressing this topic. This essay defines feminist theology and discusses the basis for feminist theology's emergence. How some of the writers have approached the topic is discussed. Bibliography lists 4 sources.


This 6 page paper deals with the topic of racism as it has been perpetuated in movies of the past. Contrasted with the movies from the present, the topic is shown to have a more humane and accurate depiction of racial events. Bibliography lists 6 sources.

Economics Questions

25 pages answering a variety of mid-level economics study questions. Topics focus on Porter's five forces, sustainability, competition, pricing, revenue destruction, Cournot equilibrium and other similar topics. Bibliography lists 4 sources.

Family Topics

A 7 page research paper that addresses several different topics that pertain to family life in America. Topics include family adaptation after divorce, domestic violence, the gay movement, and the federal program Temporary Assistance for Needy Families. Bibliography lists 7 sources.

Questions on Supreme Court

A 5 page research paper that addresses five topics pertaining to the Supreme Court. Topics covered include judicial restraint, use of precedent, search and seizure and the right to privacy. Bibliography lists 2 sources.

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