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Puerto-Rican Americans and Identity

A 5 page research paper that includes 1 page abstract, which addresses the topic of Puerto Rican identity discussing its cultural, historical, political and racial features. Bibliography lists 3 sources.

Jean-Luc Nancy's Inoperative Community

A 10 page research paper/essay in which the writer gives a personal interpretation of topics within Jean-Luc Nancy's text Inoperative Community. Bibliography lists 6 sources.

Epidemiologic Data and STD Services

A 10 page research paper that addresses the topic of how research in epidemiology can guide STD health care provision within community-based programs. Bibliography lists 11 sources.

Digital Technology and its Impacts on Indonesia Media Consumption

this 10 page paper responds to the following question: How has digital technology affected the ways in which Indonesian people produce and consume media? This paper oncentrates on the topic of women and Islam in the media. Bibliography lists 10 sources.

Article Analysis, "Phenomenal Women"

A 3 page article analysis of Beverly J. Moss's "'Phenomenal Women,' Collaborative Literacies, and Community Texts in Alternative 'Sista' Spaces," which describes her ethnographic study of an African American women's community service club. The writer focuses specifically on how this applies to the topic of collaboration. Only the source is cited.

International Business Ethics

A 6 page research paper that examines the topic of ethics as it is applied to today's global marketplace and the large multinational corporations are involved in globalization. The writer demonstrates how these corporations are now being held accountable for the impact of their company practices on local economies and local environments, regardless as to whether or not the company is following the letter of the law. Bibliography lists 3 sources.

The Letters of Abigail Adams to John Adams

This 5 page paper provides an overview of the central themes of Abigail Adam's letters to John Adams as presented in Giles Gunn's Early American Writing. This paper provides an assessment of some of the central topics of the letters, including the theme of freedom and the belief that men fighting for freedom for all may be selective in the application of that freedom. Bibliography lists 2 sources.

History and Use of the Number "e"

This 5 page paper introduces the topic with a modern day look at compound interest, then delves into the history of the number e. Both early and modern uses are discussed. Bibliography lists 5 sources.

NAFTA And The Transportation & Logistics Industry

A 9 page paper on this topic. The writer explores how NAFTA has impacted the railway and trucking industries, and affected trade with Mexico. Bibliography lists 9 sources.


This 3 page paper examples an expository speech on the topic of 'blondeness' and 'outward' appearances.Bibliography lists 3 sources.

McDonald's - Analysis

This 9 page paper responds to three specific questions: McDonald's global performance, which includes a brief overview of the history of McDonald's and the fast food industry and also identifies challenges the company has been facing in recent years. This section also provides data regarding the company. The second topic is an evaluation of some of the causes for McDonald's problems right now and includes an analysis according to Porter's model. Other forces and threats that are not necessarily categorized in the five forces are discussed. The last topic includes recommendations for the company. Data are included. 1 Appendix reports fiscal data regarding profit margin. Bibliography lists 14 sources.


This 3-page paper discusses topics such as investor risk, portfolio diversification and arbitrage pricing theory.

Normoglycemia and Critically Ill Patients

A 10 page literature review on this topic. Bibliography lists 10 sources.

Female Genital Mutilation Victims

An 8 page research paper that discusses this topic. Bibliography lists 10 sources.


This 6-page paper covers information about a career for an owner of a record label and recording studio. Topics include salary, skills required and duties of the job. Bibliography lists 2 sources.


This 5-page paper provides a case and operations study on Panera Bread. Topics covered include a situational analysis, industry analysis and strategic recommendations.


This 4-page paper analyzes the article "Gulfstream Relies on International Supply Chains to Deliver World Class Aircraft," and discusses topics such as plant locations, infrastructure and logistics and just-in-time methods. Bibliography lists 3 sources.

Heredity v. Hormones

A 3 page research paper that discusses this topic. Bibliography lists 5 sources.

Naturalistic and Abstract Art

A 3 page research paper/essay that discusses this topic Bibliography lists 3 sources.


This 13-page paper provides an organizational overview of Southwest Airlines. Topics discussed include corporate culture, obligations, strenghts and weaknesses, and IT implementation. Bibliography lists 10 sources.

Title VII Age Discrimination Cases

This 17 page paper discusses seven legal cases where the topic of dispute is age discrimination. Bibliography lists 7 sources

Family Violence

This 4 page paper discusses various type of family violence, and suggests how liberals, conservatives and radical might view the topic.

American History

A 10 page paper which covers many topics in American History. Bibliography lists 12 sources.

Computer Maintenance

In 5 pages, the author discusses the topic of computer maintenance. Bibliography lists 4 sources.

Nursing Articles An Annotated Bibliography

This 4 page paper provides an annotated bibliography of nursing articles on different topics in nursing. There are nine sources cited.

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