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Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder and Special Education

This 30 page paper provides an overview of a dissertation study on ADHD. This paper integrates a review of literature and a methodology and shows how a study could be conducted. Bibliography lists 15 sources

Treatment and Management of Sexual Offenders

This 60 page paper is a dissertation study of the treatment and management of sexual offenders. This paper relates the existing studies on this subject and makes some distinct conclusions on beneficial approaches. Bibliography lists 20 sources.

SME’s In Portugal; Research Suggestions

This 4 page paper looks at how a project or dissertation on small to medium sized enterprises in Portugal may be approached. The paper outlines the background research, modes that may be used, how primary research may be undertaken and the different ways that this broad subject may be refined. The bibliography cites 6 sources.

Research Proposal: Airline Industry Profitability and Risk Management

A 73 page paper discussing risk management and its effects on profitability in the airline industry. The paper is a dissertation proposal, providing a brief literature review; discussion of the literature review method of study; qualitative analysis; and a plan for assessment of the information gained from the literature review-based study. Bibliography lists 45 sources.

A Dissertation Plan and Statistics Questions

This 12 page paper is written in two parts. The first part is a proposal for a dissertation or project examining how implementation of e-Commerce for Singapore Stockbroking Firms could take place. The proposal includes a literature review and a methodology as well as an outline of why this is a valuable subject. The second part of the paper answers specific questions regarding the use of statistics and statistical testing methods. The bibliography cites 7 sources.

Can EVA or CVA be a Superior Method of Share Valuation

This 7 page paper is a proposal for a project or dissertation to investigate is the use of economic value-added or cash value added may be a less volatile and more reliable method of assessing the performance of a company rather than only the performance of a share. The bibliography cites 5 sources.

Career Anchors; A Discussion of Findings

This 21 page paper is written as a discussion section in a dissertation that examines the presence and type of career anchors seen in the Nigerian IT industry. The paper examines the students results form quantitative and qualitative research and compares these to the empirical research and current models.

The success of the AKP Party in Turkey has been due to their success in communicating that they are a moderate unified party despite their religious foundation.

This 10 page paper is an outline for a project or dissertation that examines how and why the AKP (Truth and Justice Party) in Turkey have become so popular. The paper outlines the area of research with primary and secondary research questions and then undertakes a brief literature review to indicate the direction of the the proposed research. The bibliography cites 7 sources.

Motivating Employees in Organizations That Have Downsized

This 28 page is written in the style of a dissertation. The paper investigates the way in which downsizing will impact on employees that survive in order to assess strategies which may be used to maintain or increase employee motivation levels. The paper presents an introduction, justification for the study, methodology, literature review and simulated primary research results. The primary research in the paper focuses on downsizing in the UK. The bibliography cites 25 sources.

How Can Employers Reduce Unnecessary Absenteeism in their Employee Base?

This 75 page paper is a dissertation style paper investigating the ways in which employers may be able to reduce unnecessary absenteeism in the employees. The paper starts by giving a comprehensive introduction and justifying the reason for the research. A comprehensive literature review is then presented, looking at influences on absenteeism including motivational theories and the concept of employee equity. Primary research using self completed questionnaires is emulated and results along with recommendations are presented. The bibliography cites 39 sources.

Heart Disease/Ohio

This 10 pages overview of heart disease is comprehensive, and covers prevalence, signs and symbols, diagnosis, surveillance and prevention, among other topics. Bibliography lists 14 sources.

Change Needed/Nursing Hand-Off Reports

This 8 page research paper addresses the topic of nursing handovers and argues that change is needed regarding this nursing practice. Bibliography lists 7 sources.

Nurturing Parent Program Grant

This 6 page paper presents a grant proposal and then discusses a research proposal. Both topics are relevant to Nurturing Parenting classes that are court-mandated for parents who only speak Spanish. Bibliography lists 11 sources.

Assessment/Students With Disabilities

This 4 page paper addresses the topics of IQ tests and formal and informal assessment within the context of special education and students with disabilities. Bibliography lists 2 sources.

Nurses Providing Primary Care

A 4 page paper that focuses on nurses providing primary care to patients. Each state regulates which knowledge and skills nurses can deliver. The essay focuses on studies about this topic. Bibliography lists 8 sources.

Annotated Readings

This 3 page paper offers summaries of four readings pertaining to the topic education and adult learners. Bibliography lists 4 sources.

Testing and Fairness

This 3 page paper indicates the two questions the writer intends to answer and this provides summaries of the sources that the writer uses to answer them, The topic concerns standardized testing and whether or not it can be fair. Bibliography lists 2 sources

3 Case Studies

A 5 page research paper that answers questions pertaining to 3 cases. Topics covered include burns, strep throat and osteoarthritis. Bibliography lists 10 sources.

Charles Darwin/Contributions to Science

This 5 page research paper reports on Charles Darwin. Topics covered include his biography, the voyage of the HMS Beagle, his influences, and his theory of natural selection. Bibliography lists 4 sources.

Culture's Impact on Faith/Social Justice

This 4 page paper addresses the topic of challenge of culture and how it impacts issues of faith, spirituality and social justice. The writer discusses restrictions placed on religious garb as a symbol of religion. Bibliography lists 3 sources.

Traumatic Brain Injury/Recovery Model

This 12 page research paper addresses the topic of traumatic brain injury and rehabilitative therapy. Bibliography lists 15 sources.

Interpersonal Communication

A 6 page research paper in which the writer discusses five topics pertaining to interpersonal communication and then offers suggestions on how to relate these topics to personal experience. Report contains a 1 page outline. Topics covered are: 1) the nature of interpersonal communication; 2) how it is affected by culture; 3) communication apprehension; 4)listening; and 5) perception. Bibliography lists 3 sources.

Health Questions

An 11 page research paper that answers various questions about public health topics and how they are addressed in research. Topics covered included the meaning of integrated literature review; how topics are addressed by researchers; and the nature of survey research. Bibliography lists 9 sources.

The Impeachment Of President Bill Clinton

A 3 page paper that introduces a topic for a longer paper. The topic is the impeachment of President Clinton. The first section provides some background into the case and the topics that should be discussed in a term paper. The second section discusses sources that will be used to write the paper. Bibliography lists 3 sources.

Special Education Overview

A 5 page research paper that discusses special education, which is a topic that covers a broad array of topics. This overview of special education looks a few of these topics, offering definitions and discussion of relevant issues. Bibliography lists 9 sources.

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