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Money's Role In United States Culture

5 pages in length. Money controls the United States entire cultural existence. This may be a rather bold statement, to be sure, but one that is founded in fact and reality. When one considers the fact that money is attached to each and every aspect of one's life, from food and shelter to recreation and business, it is easy to see the influence monetary importance has upon the country. The writer discusses how money possesses a value unlike any other commodity in the world, that its very nature allows for it to become a beneficial or most devastating force in one's life. Bibliography lists 5 sources.

The Impact of Apartheid On The Musical Cultures Of South Africa

A 2 page paper that considers the impact of Apartheid and social oppression on the progression of musical cultures through out the country. Bibliography lists 2 sources.

African Tribal Culture / Rites Of Passage

This 12 page paper focuses upon a number of African rites of passage as they pertains to young men. The Bushmen, Toma, Gisu, Makonde and Masai tribes are among those highlighted. Bibliography lists 17 sources.

Culture & Religion in Three African Countries

7 pages in length. Discusses cultures, religions, and histories of three African countries : Zimbabwe, Egypt, and South Africa. Concludes with a brief comparison of these three. Bibliography lists 6 sources.

Egypt & India / A Comparison Of Cultures

A 6 page outline of the cultural similarities between Egypt and India. Emphasis is placed on familial structure. Bibliography lists four references.

The Role of Family in the Culture of Mexico, Russia, and Nigeria

In 5 pages, the author discusses the role of family in the culture of Mexico, Russia, and Nigeria. The countries of Mexico, Russia, and Nigeria each have their own cultures. The role of family plays an important part in each of those countries. Each country has its own traditions, its holidays, and its sense of community. Each country is steeped in tradition. Bibliography lists 6 sources.

West African Culture

A 3 page review of textbook information on early West African culture (literature, poetry, music, dance, sculpture etc.;) and heritage as well as its similarity to that of Native American Indians.

The Xhosa People / Culture & Clash With Europeans

The Xhosa speaking nation in South Africa is second only to the Zulus in numbers. This 11 page report describes their location, society, history, culture, tradition, family life, etc.; The writer also covers historical tensions occurring between the Xhosa people and Europeans who came to the Cape. It is argued that the Xhosas' own lack of political unity, belief in mysticism, etc.;-- prevented them from being able to defend themselves successfully against the Europeans when conflict arose. Bibliography lists 7 sources.

Dancing Skeletons : A Comparison of the Culture in Mali and the United States

A 5 page paper which discusses the book 'Dancing Skeletons: Life and Death in West Africa' by Katherine Dettwyler, and compares the cultural lifestyle of the people in Mali with that of the people in the United States. While the severity of the ignorance and existence of realities such as malnutrition is much less in the United States than it is in Mali, such conditions do exist here in this country. No additional sources cited.

Sociology, Culture, & Learning -- A Theoretical Examination

A 5 page essay exploring specific sociological issues: social factors involved in learning; how social structure creates social order in a culture; how social structure and culture have changed over the last 50 years. Theories are offered in terms of learning as a social act. Social order is explained. Bibliography is included.

United States of America / Composite Culture or Melting Pot ?

A 3 page essay reflecting upon points made in an article which argues that America is not -- nor has it ever been -- identifiable by some consistently homogeneous culture. Instead, the country has historically retained its "melting pot" identity-- as explicated by the writer of this thoughtful essay and the article (s)he discusses. No Bibliography.

Samurai Japanese Culture

A 3.5 page research essay that describes the Samurai culture. Topics include the origins of the Samurai, their purpose, and the end of the Samurai class. But, did the spirit of the Samurai end there? Was the spirit of the fiercest warrior who service without regard for his own safety once again evident in the Kamikaze pilots in World War II. This writer discusses this possibility. Bibliography lists 4 sources.

Brazilian Culture / The Carnival At Rio DeJaneiro

A 5 page research paper focusing on the current day celebration and activities associated with this celebrated festivity in Brazil. Various rituals and traditions are highlighted throughout the discussion. A brief overview of the origin of carnivals is included as well. Bibliography lists 8 sources.

Voodoo & The Culture of Haiti

This 8 page report discusses the religion and culture of voodoo in Haiti. The paper briefly presents, from a social anthropology perspective, the fundamentals of Voodoo and its importance to the people of Haiti. Bibliography lists 7 sources.

Modern Greek Culture

A 10 page research paper on the culture of modern Greece. The writer explores the gender roles, ethnicity, language, and religion, and other important influences in modern Greek society. Specific examples of Greek ritual and tradition are provided. Bibliography lists 10 sources.

Greek Island Culture -- Jill Dubisch's 'In a Different Place'

A 6 page paper discussing Dr. Jill Dubisch's book 'In a Different Place: Pilgrimage, Gender, and Politics at a Greek Island Shrine' about a modern pilgrimage to Tinos -- an island in the Greek cyclades. Bibliography lists 2 sources.

Walt Disney & The Culture He Created

This 8 page report examines 'Disney Culture' in relationship to its founder, Walt Disney. The writer examines Disney's mission statement, dress code, value system, theme park layout & landscape, and overall relevance to American culture. Recent controversies surrounding the organization are also included. Bibliography lists 8 sources.

The Impact Of Hippies On American Culture

A 5 page paper that reflects on the transformation of perspectives that occurred as a result of the hippie generation of the 1960s and 1970s. Bibliography lists 4 sources.

Rock n' Roll & 20th Century American Culture

A 6 page research paper which examines the relationship between 20th century culture and rock n' roll particularly in regards to how it expressed the sense of alienation and separation of a generation during the sixties. The writer demonstrates how the political philosophies of such composers as Bob Dylan were expressed in their music and how this, in turn, influenced the political environment of that time. Bibliography lists 7 sources.

Gender Roles and American Popular Culture

A 5 page essay on culture and gender roles. The writer details how education, popular culture, and advertising both reflect and create gender roles. Bibliography lists 4 sources.

The Concept Of The Engineer In American Culture Analyzed

This 3 page research paper discusses how the technology of the Industrial Revolution introduced the "engineer" as a modern-day creative artist. Specifically discussed are the evolution of an engineer as the builder of bridges to contemporary genetic scientist. Bibliography lists 2 sources.

Culture Shock

5 pages in length. The writer is sent on a hypothetical excursion to a motorcycle rally where she is confronted with a massive dose of culture shock. Various methods are applied to help her overcome her discomfort with being in a strange and unfamiliar cultural environment. By the end, the writer determines that even though cultures may differ, there is enough room for everyone to be accepted. Bibliography lists 3 sources.

Food Fusion / Comparison Of Common Cuisine Across Two Cultures

Vietnamese and Turkish cuisine is discussed in the context of food fusion, a term used to describe the trend of combining foods from more than one culture. Bibliography lists 11 sources in this 15 page paper.

Comparing Two Coins / Symbology Of Culture

A 5 page analysis of the symbolic content, similarities and differences, of a coin issued by Lysimachus and a U.S. Kennedy half dollar. No bibliography.

Native American Mortuary Practices & Their Association with Culture

A 30 page overview of the various mortuary practices and grave goods often associated with Native American burials and the ability to determine an individual's culture and the societal organization of those who participated in the burial based on these practices and goods. Contrasts the burial practices of the Mandan and Sioux and provides information about the issue of repatriation and the importance of being able to demonstrate culture on the basis of burial information. Bibliography lists 16 sources.

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