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The Influence of BIM on the Role of a Project Manager

This 13 page paper looks at the concept of Building Information Modelling (BIM) with the aim of assessing why and how it will impact on the role and tasks of a project manager. The concept of traditional role of a project manager is assessed, along with the influences which will emerge as a direct result of BIM implementation. The impact this may have on the project manager is then assessed. The bibliography cites 28 sources.

The Use of Soft System Modelling

This 5 page paper considers what Soft System Modelling (SSM) is, how it works and how it compares to Hard System Modelling. The paper follows how it may be used and defines the characteristics of this model, explaining why it may be so helpful in the management decision making process. The bibliography cites 5 sources.

Team Building And Coaching

A 5 page paper that discusses team building to a greater extent and coaching to a lesser extent. The writer defines team building and discusses the reasons a company should consider a team building program Ð because everyone else is doing it is not a good reason. Companies should know the objectives for scheduling team building activities or they should not bother with it. Examples of what some companies do are provided. Bibliography lists 5 sources.

Does Nation Building Work?

This 24 page paper delves into the question of nation building and first looks at how George W. Bush sees things. Much of the paper addresses current concerns but a great deal of historical information is provided. The concept of nation building is discussed in depth and many examples are included. Specifics regarding Kosovo, Somalia and Haiti are a few examples of former U.S. nation building efforts. Bibliography lists 15 sources.

Upgrading Riordan Manufacturing's Working Information

A 3 page paper discussing upgrade needs in sales and marketing. Riordan Manufacturing has a wealth of information available to it, but it is not using that information to its best advantage. Providing the sales force with laptop computers networked to Riordan's primary system will provide a start on building current information, while the addition of appropriate database or forecasting software can make use of the information that already exists. Bibliography lists 1 source.

Cragside; A Singular House of the Victorian Age

This 11 page paper considers the national Trust owned building of Cragside in Rothbury, Northumberland. This building was an innovative and unusual building, it was the first building to have the entire house lit by hydro-electric power, along with central heating, hot and cold running water, a Turkish bath, and even fire alarms. Built in 1870 – 1880 by Lord Armstrong the paper charts the development and impotence of this unusual building. The bibliography cites 5 sources.

Investing Wisely for Retirement

6 pages in length. A discussion on how to build that retirement nest egg with existing funds in tax-preferred retirement accounts. Valuable information and an excellent study guide. Bibliography lists 5 sources.

Leland Stanford

A 6 page paper which presents a biography of Leland Stanford. The information provided illustrates his involvement in law, the building of railroads, and his political role. Stanford is well known for having established, building and funding, Stanford University in California. He is also known for his political involvement during the Civil War, taking his position in the Senate to provide support, from California, to the Union. Bibliography lists 4 sources.

Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design

This 3 page paper explores the federal initiative in green building. Bibliography lists 3 sources.

eWOM and Tourist Behaviors

Word of mouth (WOM) is recognized by researchers as a powerful source of information that can influence consumer behaviors. Because of the prevalence of social media in communicating information to consumers, WOM spread via technology, or eWOM, has become the focus of marketing campaigns for many companies. This paper evaluates the studies of eWOM and the impacts for the tourist industry. There are five sources listed.

White Paper: Information Systems in Health Care

In a paper of ten pages, the author writes a white paper for the field of information systems. The author of this paper discusses health care and information systems past and present, including data warehouses and analytics. There are six sources cited in this paper.

Westminster Abbey’s Poet’s Corner

A 6.5 page paper (6 pp. + .5 pg. outline) which provides information on when it was built, background information on the poets and writers who are buried there and how some were memorialized there years after they died. Bibliography lists 10 sources.

Robots in Construction

A 6 page overview of the use of robots in the construction industry. Concentrates on the construction of mid level to high rise buildings and provides specific information on a variety of robot technology used in this industry. Includes, in part, information on “smart cubes”, stationary welders, climbers, and robotic cranes. Bibliography lists 7 sources.

Rural Tourism and Soft System Modelling in Australia

This 7 page paper considers the subject of rural tourism and the problem of choosing the right channel of distribution. This paper looks at a case study in Australia; Carrick Hill, how this is marketed and the way in which soft systems modelling is well suited to this case. The bibliography cites 9 sources.

Rural Tourism; The Case of Evans and Tate

This 7 page paper examines how rural tourism and soft system modelling manifest the case of the Redbrook Vineyard visitors centre belonging to the Australian wine company Evans and Tate. The bibliography cites 9 sources.

A Skateboarding Park in Coral Springs, Florida

A 7 page paper which presents an argument in favor of building a skateboarding park in Coral Springs, Florida. The argument presents information regarding skateboarders and the difficulty of finding places to legally skate, information pertaining to supporting the youth of any given area, the benefits to the community in terms of potential crime prevention, issues concerning the benefits to business, and also information regarding parks available in Coral Springs. Coral Springs appears to be the perfect place for the building of a skateboarding park, due to its population of youth, and its involvement in such sports as BMX biking and other youth related sports. Bibliography lists 9 sources.

Green Design

This 23 page paper looks at green design for buildings focusing on the buildings in arid climates. The paper starts by defining green design and green architecture. The way green or sustainable building takes place in arid regions and trends seen in the middle east. Dubai is examined to assess some of the development taking place as well as looking at the regulations in the first Arab country to introduce mandatory green compliance requirements. The paper then looks at challenges faced in arid regions, with specific attention to Saudi Arabia and briefly disuses some of the technologies which are available for green building. The bibliography cites 23 sources.

Can We Ever Hope To Measure Software Quality?

This 19 page paper considers is the quality of software can ever be measures. The paper starts by trying to define what is meant by quality and then looking at ways the needs that quality software will meet can be defined. The paper then looks at systems of developing software that can be used with the measurements that have made to assess if they can be used ion conjunction with each other. Theories included in the paper encompass soft systems modelling, hard systems modelling, actor network theory, requirements engineering and agile engineering. The bibliography cites 29 sources.

Knowledge Management and Information Systems

This 32 page paper is written in five parts. The first part looks at what is meant by knowledge management, how this correlates with organization learning and the role of information technology. The second part of the paper considers how information technology and intelligence software can help a business and what choices may be available. The third part of the paper considers arguments for free anti-vires software and why a company should sponsor free software for commercial, moral and social reasons. The forth part of the paper looks at how and why implementation of systems, such as ERP, may succeed or fail. The last paper of the paper considers the role of systems development lifecycle and the use of unified modelling language (UML). The bibliography cites 28 sources.

Analysis of a Team Building Website

This 3 page essay analyzes the effectiveness of a website published by the Free Management Library that is toted "AllAbout Team Building." The writer describes the site in detail, which indicates that this site is insightful, practical and aids readers in regards to accomplishing their team building goals. Bibliography lists 1 source.

Clinical Information System :

A 15 page paper. Information technology has made a significant impact on the healthcare industry. The Clinical Information System (CIS) is one that has gained more popularity because it can do so much, including giving doctors and nurses information in real time. This essay explains CIS, identifies a hospital that uses it, discusses how it was adopted, and offers various types of information about implementation. Bibliography lists 15 sources.

The Auditorium Building in Chicago

In a paper of six pages, the author writes about architecture and the Chicago Auditorium Building. The author of this paper writes about form, function, and structure in relation to the auditorium building. There are four sources cited in this paper.

Transcontinental Railroad and Immigrants

In a paper of five pages, the author writes about building the transcontinental railroad. The author of this paper explains how immigrants workers helped build the railroad. There are six sources cited in this paper.

Testwell Laboratories Fraud In New York

A 3 page paper. An investigation of the strength of concrete in certain buildings in New York revealed the testing company had falsified records for many building, including Freedom Tower. This paper discusses what happened, identifies the fraud, waste, abuse, and corruption involved. The paper also makes recommendations to prevent this type of fraud again. Bibliography lists 3 sources.

Asset Allocation and Stochastic Optimization

This 36 page paper considers the use of stochastic modelling in the determination of asset allocation. The paper considers multi-stage stochastic programming and stochastic dynamic programming by comparing this to other models that may be used in assessing the contents of investment portfolios. Other models considered include models with their origins in mean variance theory leading to CAPM, efficient market hypothesis and the Warren Buffet method. The bibliography cites 29 sources.

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