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Big Emerging Markets 2005

A 3 page paper assessing the statement, "Within 20 years, we will have seen the emergence of enormous global markets for standardized consumer products. Do you agree or disagree with this statement?" The paper provides 3 pages supporting agreement. Bibliography lists 4 sources.

The Impact of Global Branding in a Small Town

This 3 page paper discusses the way in which global marketing may influence sales of a product within a small town market. The benefits of a single standardized strategy is discusses along with the potential benefits of a strategy customized to local markets and the need way a global brand may need to compete with local products. The bibliography cites 4 sources.

The Existence of a Global Culture; Positive and negative Aspects;

This 26 page paper looks at the emergence of the perception of a global culture demonstrated in the growth of globalisation and mediums such as the Internet. The paper discusses the advantages to business of such a global culture on corporate culture and the possibility of these potential advantages ever emerging. The paper illustrates many of the points raised by citing actual cases, including companies such as Shell, McDonalds and Ericsson. The bibliography cites 20 sources.

Assessing Global Strategy at HSBC Bank

A 20 page paper discussing the global banking industry as it is and as at least one bank is designing it to be. "The world's local bank" is the slogan of Britain's BSBC Bank. This is a marketing paper, evaluating HSBC's position in its industry, trends in the global market and suggesting steps that the bank can take to further differentiate it from its competitors while continuing to build on the concept of becoming "The world's local bank." Bibliography lists 18 sources. Includes 2 figures.

Coca-Cola: International Marketing Strategy Shift

A 20 page paper discussing the shift in Coke’s marketing perspective from a global view to one that is much more local in its approach. The company suffered massive setbacks in Europe when contamination in cans sold in Belgium and northern France sickened consumers. This is one reason for the shift away from the global focus, but there are others as well. The purpose here is to examine the shift from global to local focus, particularly as it applies to Coca-Cola France. Bibliography lists 18 sources.

Global Marketing Strategy; With Specific Attention on the Automotive Industry

This 19 page paper looks at the issues and challenges of global marketing strategies. The paper includes consideration of the internationalization process, the choice of a standardized or a localized strategy and media issues. The paper looks at a wide range of theories that can be applied to nay industry but pays particular attention to the car markets. The bibliography cites 25 sources.

Apple Computer: Marketing Audit

A 20 page paper. This research paper offers a marketing audit of Apple Computer Inc., therefore, it includes numerous different sections that include but are not limited to: microenvironment; task environment; marketing productivity; marketing function analysis; marketing strategy, marketing organization and marketing systems. Within each major heading, there are a number of subheadings. Bibliography lists 19 sources.

Global Corporations: The Error in the Myth that Bigger is Better

This 12 page paper considers the issue of the largess of the global corporations and negates the myth that bigger is better. This paper presents the argument that smaller is actually superior, and assesses the value of the small company in addressing issues like control, sensitivity to customer needs, and flexibility to change course. This paper also assesses the future of businesses in the small business market and the nature of interconnectviity in providing flexibility within the marketplace. Bibliography lists 20 sources.


This 5-page paper examines what current trends could likely impact global agriculture within the next 10 to 20 years. Topics under discussion include a growing population base and genetically modified crops. Bibliography lists 5 sources.


This 7 page paper looks at Sony and the global environment within which they operate. The first part of the paper discusses the organization, its operations and global presence. The paper goes on to look at different types of the market systems and legal systems that Sony operate within, the role of political risk and the difficulties satisfy stakeholders with in a global environment. The bibliography cites 6 sources.

Avon's Transformation

A 4 page paper discussing the effects of Avon's transformation on its networking relationships and its representatives' ability to serve their customers. With product sales flat or nearly flat within the US for several years, until recently Avon focused on international sales and the expansion to new markets. It is not choosing now to ignore those markets, but it has transformed its global supply chain, which in turn has greatly assisted Avon's networking structure. Includes an outline. Bibliography lists 8 sources.

Small Businesses in the International Environment

This 13 page paper considers the following statement " many small companies are now moving away from a focus of domestic marketing and are labelling themselves as international players in a global market environment. However, many small to medium enterprises seem to 'crash and burn' due to the acute lack of knowledge about international marketing principles". The paper looks at how and why small businesses seek to develop internationally and why they may fail. The bibliography cites 20 sources.

School-Based Intelligence Testing in Children

10 pages in length. Educators, psychologists, parents and even children have long known there was 'something' not quite right about standardized intelligence tests. They do seem to be ingrained in our society, but their value has been questioned for more than 20 years. Since 1990, the concept of emotional intelligence has been increasingly used to explain the successes of those whose intelligence test results indicated would not perform well. Bibliography lists 9 sources.

Sexual Assault on College Campuses

This 20 page paper considers the issue of sexual abuse on college campuses and the major contributing factors to the rise in acquaintance (date) rape and other forms of sexual abuse in recent years. This paper considers some of the central problems that have defined the prevalence of sexual abuse on the college campus, including increasing alcoholism, continued alcohol and drug use, the emergence of the date-rape drug Rohypnol and the generally limited approach taken by administrators to address the problem. Bibliography lists 15 sources.

Global Marketing Meeting Local Needs

A 7 page paper. Global marketing is significantly different than national and local marketing. This essay critiques an article about global marketing while still meeting the needs of the local culture or population and at the same time helps brand image. Bibliography lists 2 sources.

Assessment of Oticon’s Position within Porter’s Diamond Framework

A 9 page evaluation of the markets that Oticon, a Danish hearing aid manufacturer, should pursue in its attempts to increase its share of the global market for hearing aids. Oticon is a name recognized by customers and hearing professionals in several areas of the world. Already possessing a global presence in several areas of the world, Oticon seeks to increase its share of those markets in which it operates. This paper examines Oticon’s position within Porter’s diamond framework to identify available alternatives and recommend appropriate action. The paper concludes with the recommendation that Oticon continue its attention to its Australian retailers, keep its prices higher than those of competitors and actively seek to take its products into Asia. Bibliography lists 20 sources.


This 8-page paper discusses handling of the global environment and includes discussions about how local companies suddenly find themselves in a global market (how they got there, and how they work within the market). Bibliography lists 5 sources.

Standardized Marketing at Russki Adventures

A 5 page paper discussing the advisability of using standardized marketing for attracting a global customer base for a new helicopter skiing service to be based in Russia. The setting is 1992, and there were few such services operating in the world. Only a few existed in Europe, and they were being pressured by environmental groups to cease operations. The best services were in western Canada, literally half a world away from the home of Europeans who enjoyed the costly, intensive sport. The paper concludes that the potential market is homogeneous enough that standardized marketing is appropriate for Russki Adventures. Bibliography lists 2 sources.

Global Warming / Legal & Economic Ramifications

A 20 page research paper that first gives an overview of the evidence that global warming exists and what is believed to contribute as its cause. Then, the writer addresses specifically whether or not the recent international treaty worked out last year in Japan will actually accomplish anything of significance. The writer demonstrates that although global warming does constitute a legitimate world problem with serious ramifications, this treaty is not the answer. Bibliography lists 13 sources.

Women in Buddhism

A 6 page research paper on the emergence of Buddhist feminism and the quest for equality within the Buddhist religion. The paper gives a brief background of the Buddhist background of male domination and describes the struggle and achievement of Buddhist women within the last 15 years to attain equality. Bibliography lists 8 sources.

Major Issues Relating To The Management Of A Global Corporation

This 9 page paper looks at issues that face managers of global firms, such as the way to manage what products are sold, supply chain management, marketing and positioning and how these should be either standardized or localized. The bibliography cites 11 sources.

The Marketing of Nokia and Sony Ericsson in the United Arab Emirates

This 22 page paper looks at the way in which the cellular phone equipment company's Nokia and Sony Ericsson are marketing their core products; cellular handsets, within United Arab Emirates. The paper looks at the telecommunications industry in the UAE and the background of the companies before considering the way in which they are competing, including the positioning of the companies, the prices, the products, the promotions, the target markets and target market profiles. The bibliography cites 20 sources.

The New Russia and Nationalist Conflicts

This 6 page paper provides information on the newly emerged Russian state and the groups within it. Global politics is stressed in this paper which discusses nationalism and ethnic problems within the new nation state. Bibliography lists 20 sources.

America Dominance in Cinema.

(5 pp). The dominance of American motion pictures in the international market dates back to late 1800s when American producers began exporting their products. The historical roots of the current prominence of the USA in the international market for films (and, subsequently, television programs) have received increasing attention from historians in recent years. It cannot be denied that the United States still dominates the global motion picture market and that Europe lags well behind in terms of market share. Bibliography lists 5 sources.

Canadian Trade: Global, Local and Inter-Provincial Trade Barriers

This is a 3 page paper discussing different perceptions and aspects of Canadian trade in regards to municipal, provincial and global levels. Canadian trade varies in regards to its acceptance, perception and policies on the municipal, provincial or global levels. Many World Trade Organization (WTO) Members find that certain restrictive policies and tariffs in Canada present barriers in some markets although the WTO has found that access to the Canadian market is “generally liberal” despite some protectionist measures within the country. Canadian businesses interested in inter-provincial trade have found that the inter-provincial barriers are often too costly and it is more cost efficient to promote trade markets within the U.S. than within Canada itself; barriers which trade boards and chambers of commerce should eliminate in order allow Canadian businesses to prosper within Canada. On the other hand, certain municipalities have found that trade policies related to the GATS agreement have “liberalized” services to such an extent that national and international businesses now challenge local businesses; businesses municipalities wish to shield. Bibliography lists 4 sources.

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