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Some Psychology Dissertation topics and ideas can be found below:

Theories In Psychology Jeopardy Game

A 5 page paper that offers five questions with their responses. The points are in increments of 10 points. Questions include theories in psychology, psychology in life, psychology in marketing, health psychology, and vocational psychology. Bibliography lists 5 sources.

Theoretical Framework

A 5 page paper that begins with a specific dissertationís research question and problem statement. The essay discusses the theoretical framework for a research study and applies it to this particular dissertation. The essay also includes a syllogism and comments on a dissertation rubric. Bibliography lists 3 sources.

Positive Psychology Happiness

A 3 page paper that discusses one aspect of positive psychology, which is a relatively new branch in psychology. This essay performs a compare and contrast analysis on two articles that reported empirical research studies on happiness, one of the main topics in positive psychology. The research studies themselves were quite diverse with the major commonality being the focus was on happiness. Bibliography lists 2 sources.

Social And Multicultural Psychology

A 4 page paper. This essay explains what social psychology is, the primary research methods use in the field, what multicultural psychology is, and how social and multicultural psychology are similar and how they are unique. Bibliography lists 3 sources.

Industrial Organizational Psychology

Although industrial/organizational psychology is a relatively recent branch of psychology, it has its foundations in studies conducted in the late 1800s. This essay reports the evolution of the field in psychology. It also explains why research and statistics are important in I/O. Bibliography lists 4 sources.

Subfields In Psychology

A 4 page paper. There are many different subfields in psychology. This essay discusses developmental psychology and cognitive psychology and major concepts associated with each. The writer also comments on how these can be applied to other venues in society. Bibliography lists 3 sources. PG702013.doc

Reliability Validity And Falsifiability

This 3 page paper discusses factors related to research in psychology. It begins by explaining reliability and validity. It then discusses what falsifiability is and why it is important. Finally, the essay discusses why research psychology is an important sub-discipline in psychology. Bibliography lists 6 sources.

Cultural Psychology

A 5 page paper. As societies across the world become more diverse, cross-cultural psychology is becoming even more important. It can provide insight into the similarities and differences between and among cultures. This essay explains and discusses cultural psychology, cross-cultural psychology, the need for critical thinking skills, and methods for cross-cultural research. Bibliography lists 3 sources.

Article Reviews / Behavior Therapy

16 pages worth of reviews from behavior therapy - related articles. (psychology/make article section).

Community Psychology

An 8 page paper that investigates what Community Psychology is and how it is used. Community psychology as a discipline began in the mid-1960s, or at least that is when concerted efforts seem to have begun to document achievements and definitions used in the field. Theoretically, it is grounded in ecological psychology and is a specialization that is a combination of social psychology and applied developmental psychology with some undertones of theory from political science. Examples of community projects are provided. Bibliography lists 5 sources.

Issues in Education

This 6 page research paper addresses 5 topics that pertain to educational issues associated with psychology. Topics include nature vs. nurture, whether to inform patients when they carry the gene for a disease, school cultures and its impact on adolescence, Freud's legacy and application of Skinner's approach to psychology within correctional institutions. Bibliography lists 8 sources.

Forecasting at Sheaffer

A Dissertation Proposal This 5 page paper is a proposal for a dissertation where there is an hypothesis that Sheaffer would have had lower costs and better customer services had the forecasting methods been better with higher quality input information. The writer outlines how this may be investigated, with the aims and methods outlined and a brief literature review conducted. The bibliography cites 6 sources.

Dissertation Conclusion

An 8 page conclusion to a student-provided dissertation examining social and financial conditions in the Baltic region of Europe as the countries of the region stand poised for market-based growth and accession to the European Union. The dissertation focuses on the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and how it operates; the conclusion cautions against viewing the IMF as a financial savior. No sources listed.

Dissertation Introduction

A 3 page introduction to a student-provided dissertation examining social and financial conditions in the Baltic region of Europe as the countries of the region stand poised for market-based growth and accession to the European Union. The dissertation focuses on the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and how it operates; the conclusion cautions against viewing the IMF as a financial savior. Bibliography lists 3 sources.

Reward Management; A Dissertation Proposal

This 22 page paper is a proposal for a dissertation looking at reward management and how this should be undertaken. Included in the proposal are a literary search on motivation theory and the role of profit related pay as well as an outline for further research to complete a dissertation and a discussion on how it will be analysed. The bibliography cites 24 sources.

Architectural Design and Psychology

This is a 4 page paper that provides an overview of psychology and architecture. Discussion questions highlight the role of commercial and residential design in psychology. Bibliography lists 2 sources.

Clinical Psychology

A 3 page paper that responds to two issues: events in the evolution of clinical psychology and why is research needed for clinical psychology. Bibliography lists 3 sources.

Zimbardo Study

A 4 page paper. The Stanford Prison Experiment is the most famous and most controversial of psychology experiments. This paper briefly explains the experiment, how it is valuable to social psychology, the relevance to world issues, the value to humanity, the ethical concerns. Bibliography lists 3 sources.

Multicultural Psychology Research

A 4 page paper. Multicultural psychology is the scientific study of all aspects of behavior as it occurs in settings where people of different backgrounds encounter and interact with each other. This essay discusses ethnocentrism research and cultural bias, ethical dilemmas in multicultural psychology research, unique consideration when conducting multicultural research. Bibliography lists 2 sources.

Psychology Evolution Issues

A 3 page paper. It discusses how psychology became its own field and why it is a scientific discipline. The paper reports some of the more traditional perspectives of psychology and some of the more recent models and perspectives. The writer discusses to of the many perspectives and why they are of special interest. Bibliography lists 6 sources.

Cognitive Psychology

A 5 page essay that presents an overview of various aspects of cognitive psychology. The overview includes a brief explanation of cognitive psychology and numerous studies investigating different aspects, such as memory and cognitive-behavior therapy. Bibliography lists 7 sources.

Cognitive Psychology: Lack Of Ecological Validity?

6 pages in length. Cognitive psychology is occasionally criticized for having a lack of ecological validity; the extent to which one might argue against this accusation is found in the fundamental basis of what cognitive psychology is all about. Bibliography lists 8 sources.

Psychology of Terrorism

This is a 3 page paper that provides an overview of the psychology of terrorism. The value of studying triggering events and group psychology is discussed. Bibliography lists 2 sources.

Psychology As A Science

A 14 page paper that begins with a definition of science, then discusses whether or not psychology is a science. Other topics that are discussed are: how theories improve understanding of psychology, the APA standards for psychological research and the difference between quantitative and qualitative research, the rules for publishing research in psychology, current trends in the field, personal vision of psychology and how integration would strengthen the field. Bibliography lists 12 sources.

Three Streams In American Psychology

A 6 page paper. It has been suggested there are three streams in American psychology: experimental laboratory, clinical and folk. The question is whether or not the three streams provide a useful model. To respond to the question, the writer discusses the 1948 Boulder Conference, explains First Force, Second Force and Third Force psychology, Taylor's thoughts on the shadow culture, and the emergence of behaviorism, humanistic psychology, existential, and transpersonal psychology. Bibliography lists 12 sources.

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