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How do I look for, find & receive a research paper from DissertationsAndTheses.Com?

Finding information, topics, and papers on this website is incredibly easy! Just enter a few keywords that describe your topic in our 'search' box above OR *click here* to visit our complete paper-find menu featuring additional options! Once you find a report to assist you with your thesis or dissertation topic, just click the "send me" button near its title & you'll receive it TODAY via email or fax!!! (delivery via Federal Express is also available).

How much does your service cost?

Any of the 25,000+ research papers listed on this dissertation help site sells for just $9.95/page with a FREE bibliography. Customized research help -- where YOU tell US what to find information on -- is offered for only $19.95/page and includes a free bibliography as well. We do not charge any additional fees for grappling with more difficult topics just as we do not charge any less for the easier ones! Our company has proudly maintained one fair price for YEARS!!!

What's the deal with the abstract, five chapters, and bibliography links on the right hand side of each page in this web?

To reflect a bit of our knowledge and expertise, several of our researchers put together a short "mock" thesis about our service and the benefits of students learning from our examples. The chapters listed to the right are the five major sections of any typical thesis or dissertation and our informal, miniature example is divided appropriately into these.

What volume of work can I expect to endure when writing my thesis or dissertation?

It is our experience that the answer to this question varies greatly from region to region and from university to university. Typically, we hear of students writing roughly 50-70 pages for their thesis and 100-150 for their dissertation. Graduate theses typically require 6 months to 1 year of research whereas post-graduate dissertations can demand 1, 2 or even more years of a students' time.

What kinds of backgrounds do the authors of these research papers have?

Each of the 25,000+ documents listed on this site were created by our own roster of professional researchers who each write at least one dozen new papers in the course of an average week! All of our paper creators are college graduates... many hold Masters degrees, and some even have at least one PhD! Most contributing writers also have articles, textbooks, and previous work experience in the field of education...all to their credit. But most importantly, they have all developed a keen sense of expertise when it comes to creating research papers designed to assist students working hard to complete their own theses and dissertations.

How can I judge the quality of your work before placing an order?

Look around our site! Read from the more than 25,000 comprehensive abstracts posted in our database! Our experience alone speaks volumes about our workmanship! Each of our researchers has access to at least TWO major university libraries and even to several subscription only Internet databases. By using our service to help you with your thesis or dissertation, you inherently gain access to billions of volumes from all over the world! Still not convinced? Email us for a free preview from ANY research paper you find listed on this site and we'll send it your way within just a few hours!

What kinds of sources do you use?

Both the type and caliber of sources utilized will vary from research paper to research paper. If we're performing customized research assistance to help you with your thesis or dissertation, we will, of course, use professional, scholarly journals and similar publications from within your particular field of study. Some of our reports that are already on-file may also include citations from news and magazine articles as they may have originally been written to help with a different sort of project or even with undergraduate research work. If you're unsure about a particular paper of interest, it's always best to ask us for a free copy of its bibliography before ordering it!

How can the "custom help" section assist me with my thesis or dissertation?

That's entirely up to you! Whatever you ask us to help you with when you complete your order form...is specifically what we WILL focus on. Most graduate and post-graduate students seek help finding sources of information and previous studies to cite in their literature review section. Others need help, ideas, and examples of how to better explain their proposed hypothesis. Some have already completed their experiment and need written advice and tutorials re: how to crunch their data. A good number of students even have us prepare tutorial mock-ups of an entire 50+ page thesis or dissertation filled with notes, sources, and ideas that they can use to help them write their own. As long as you remember to acknowledge us as a source, we can help with any chapter(s) you like!

How long does it take to receive the results of your service?

Hardly any time at all ! Any of the tens of thousands of existing research papers listed on this site can be sent to you within just 5-6 hours! Even customized assistance takes only 3-4 days for "small projects" (5-25 pages) and 1-2 weeks for most larger research endeavors. However close your own deadline may be, our company is confident that we can help you! Indicate any completion date you want on our order form and, upon acceptance of your order, we GUARANTEE that we'll complete our work on time.. or it's absolutely FREE!!! Just be sure to leave a sufficient number of days or weeks between the date you expect to receive our research and the date your own thesis or dissertation is due!!!

How can I contact your company?

Most of our customers contact us electronically. Just click the appropriate "email" us button at the top or bottom of any screen and let us know your thoughts, comments, and/or questions re: our service! You can also call us 24 hours a day at 1-800-90-WRITE (1-609-518-7811 from outside of the USA and Canada) or send a 'snail mail' to our corporate offices at 38 Parry Drive, Hainesport, NJ 08036 U.S.A. - Please note that orders for papers on-file are placed only via this website or by mailing in one of our order forms. The most competent and thorough answers to your questions can be expected via email as this unique media provides us with the opportunity to have a team of employees carefully review and evaluate each message...looking up the most helpful answer possible!!!

How do I make sure I am using your service properly when writing my thesis or dissertation?

Clearly, the best way to be CERTAIN is to check with your professors and/or advisors before using our website as a source of research. Most universities don't mind their students seeking additional assistance, research, editing, etc;--and some even encourage it. Still, we cannot predict the individual quirks of every learning institution around the world. If you are concerned that citing our company as a source will somehow negatively impact your grade (even though there is no reasonable cause for it to do so!), please check with those in charge of grading. Most style guides (APA, MLA, Turabian, etc;) will inherently concur that as long as you cite us properly as a source in your own thesis or dissertation, you should be able to use our tutorial assistance such that it has only a positive impact on your grade.

What happens if, for some reason...-- I don't like the research I purchase from this site?

While our service has successfully assisted hundreds of thousands of repeat and referred customers over the years, we recognize that it is not possible in any business to satisfy 100% of your clientele 100% of the time. Consequently, we offer our research services with the mutual understanding that we will do our best to accommodate you but cannot offer any refunds on our work if it fails to meet some opinionated expectation. We will, however, revise any customized research paper we create if it misses some pertinent research instruction you provided on your order form. With respect to our non-refundable papers on-file, we allow all customers to request a free, one page preview from any report before ordering it--that way you'll have a clear idea about precisely what you can expect to receive!

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